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shade beneath the trees

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My heart crumples
I fall to the ground
There’s nothing left here for me
I couldn’t keep up
It doesn’t matter anymore
The edges fade
Pavement beneath me
Hard and cold
Like the heart I’ve created
Once there was love
In a story long ago
Past the years of pain

Breathe deep
These are the last breaths you’ll take
Dear child wake up
Don’t let it consume you

Fast the time slips away
Memories rush by
Back when there was life left for me
A tale left unfinished
Crushed by death
Finished by my own
Unsuspecting heart
Made of glass
I never saw it
And now I stumble
There’s no getting back up

Hold on don’t let go
The world can’t save you
Save yourself
Love hasn’t deserted you

Flaws are magnified
Trample over the stone heart
I made for myself
Forever is now
Now has passed into the shadows
Where I once had something
To call my own
Silence mocks the misery
It brings to my doorstep
This laughter makes
My heart yearn
There is nothing that can
Break the chains
I collapse

Cling to this
Don’t let it stop you
There more left here
You are stronger than you know
Life is waiting
Choose life
Choose me

On the floor
As this life
I let it pass me by
The glass shatters
The chains explode
In a million little pieces
I lay broken
My story is coming
To the chapter
Crumpled on the ground
Trying to live
Wishing for the death
I deserve
Get up and live
They tell me
Voices in my head
Leave me to
Make this final
This heart of mine
Gives out
I surrender
My life left me
Years back when love died
And loneliness set in
I fall to pieces
This path catches my fall
Light leaves me

Get up
Reach for the light
Beyond the darkness
Don’t give up
Love hasn’t left you
This heart never left
I can’t live without you
Please get up
Turn around
Finish the story you’ve written
See those that love you
See me
And smile again.
content i am loved.
standing in line
* * *