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Schizophrenic · Conversations

and then there were none.

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i used to see you

but my own diaster has encompassed me

the world sinks in

pushes me to my knees

as i crumble

you disappear

leaving me to my fate

you were there for me once

when things were without complication

you have fallen from my sight

as i have from yours

is there anything left for us?

those that are forced to serve

the lies that they created

own nothing.

and for seeing me

you are just as i am

you died

you left me alone

in this world

with nothing but hopes

in ruin

land streatches before me

there is emptiness waiting for me

you left me here

i must embrace what i have created

without you

hell creaps in

to capture its loyal servant

no protests can be redemption

that moment i looked down

you died

i was sentenced to eternity

and my beloved fire took my heart

the moment i looked down

there were none who could save me

not even you.
okay things just sort of happen...
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On January 21st, 2006 04:01 am (UTC), dddigital_love commented:
sabrina.. what happened?
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