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Schizophrenic Conversations

that i'm having with myself

27 April
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who am i?

poems will kill you

i see you moving past me
moving so far away
yet today i dont feel so sad
you are going to be gone forever
i understnad now
but my heart will never forget
heart to heart
blood to blood
you and i are one
your face will never smile at me
you face will always be turned
never again can i look in your eyes
slowly moving down your path
back turned
away from me
there is nothing i can do
no word i can say
forever your back will be turned
today is the end
the end of what i used to see
somehow i can smile
for what we were
and not be so downhearted
depart we do from eachother
backs turned
forever taking one step further
never to turn back
and have one more glance
my feet are sure of their path
the path that takes me so far from you
in that one moment we became one
heart to heart
blood to blood
forever you and i stand
without each other.

-- for the man that saved my life ... and killed my heart.

i am a writer, i am a reader, i am everything, i am nothing

how can i say what i dont know?
how can you understand what i dont say?
i dont know where i am going...
i dont know what i'm doing here...
i know that i love you ...
i know that nothing matters anymore
but i love you anyways... because
what is life without love?

it is me without you